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Express Lube

At Speedway Lube service centers, our technicians will treat your car as if it was their own, and to ensure your vehicle gets the care it deserves, our Full Service Express Lube includes a thorough 20 point checklist.


  1. Install New Oil Filter
  2. Check, Drain & Fill Oil (up to 5 quarts)
  3. Check Engine Air Filter
  4. Check Cabin Air Filter
  5. Check Breather
  6. Check PVC
  7. Check Fuel filter
  8. Check & Fill Transmission Fluid
  9. Check Wiper Blades
  10. Check Serpentine Belt
  11. Inflate Tires to Proper Pressure
  12. Check Brake Fluid
  13. Check & Fill Power Steering Fluid
  14. Check & Fill Coolant
  15. Check & Fill Battery Fluid
  16. Check & Fill Front and Rear Differential Fluid
  17. Check & Fill Transfer Case
  18. Vacuum Interior
  19. Clean Windows
  20. Professional Exterior Wash


Full Service (up to 5 quarts)
Formulated to perform under everyday harsh driving conditions including stop-and-go traffic, prolonged engine idling in stalled traffic, and the many starts and stops of short-trip driving. Ideal for imported or domestic vehicles. Recommended for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, minivans and high-performance vehicles that are fueled with gasoline.
Semi Synthetic (up to 5 quarts)
Time-released molecules, deliver non-stop protection throughout the life of your oil. Your larger vehicle naturally puts more stress on its engine, so your oil has to work harder. Pennzoil® SUV, Truck & Minivan synthetic blend motor oil combines the advanced protection of Pennzoil® motor oil with the ultimate protection from Pennzoil® Synthetic to provide protection against the stress of heavier loads.
High Mileage
Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle™ is the advanced protection of Pennzoil® conventional motor oil that’s been enhanced with a unique combination of special conditioning agents and additives.

Pennzoil Full Synthetic
Superior* resistance to shear under heavy loads to keep your engine running stronger, longer. And most importantly, Pennzoil Platinum™ is a full synthetic motor oil that meets or exceeds the latest industry performance standards. It has passed the most stringent tests that the vehicle manufacturers’ have to protect their vehicles.

Mobil 1
Mobil 1, the world's leading synthetic motor oil exceeds the industry’s toughest standards and outperforms all conventional oils. In fact, many car builders put Mobil 1 in their vehicles before they leave the factory. And it is used by more than 70 percent of teams in the three NASCAR® series.
Diesel (up to 11 quarts)
Stop Here. Go There. Pick Up This. That's the business. That's why Pennzoil® Long-Life™ Heavy Duty Engine Oil is specially formulated to protect your engines against the severe duty, stop-and-go driving that your fleet must endure. It boils down to this: An engine oil breaks down because it either thins out or gets thick--and it can't lubricate as well if this is the case.


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