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Looking for a great way to raise money for your school, church, or charity?
Speedway Express Car Wash is working together with Non-Profit Organizations in the local communities to sponsor Fund Raising Car Wash events. Speedway Express Car Wash wants to make holding a Fund Raising Car Wash event as easy as possible.

A "Turn-Key" Program
We will provide everything you need and as a fund raising organization, all you need to provide are the contributors who are in need of a clean vehicle! Consider the many environmental, safety and financial benefits of using your neighborhood car wash as a fundraiser.

  • We are better for the environment
    In many states, shopping and schoolyard washes are being discouraged because they overtax the local storm system with phosphorous and pollutants that deteriorate ponds and streams. Speedway Express Car Wash recycles water in order to minimize the environmental effects of car washing.

  • We are downright stingy with water
    Washing cars with a hose and bucket wastes up to five times the water that Speedway Express Car Wash uses when washing a vehicle. And, with water and sewer bills rising dramatically all over the country along with more frequent water shortages, why encourage wasteful habits when we can encourage conservation of our most important resource - water.

  • We eliminate your liability for damage or injury
    When you run your own fund raising wash, damage to cars, personal injury to a member of your organization or to a supporter are all possibilities. It just does not make sense for your organization to assume that kind of risk when you can leave it up to Speedway Express Car Wash.

  • We can help you make more money
    Members of the International Carwash Association have been helping local charities raise funds all over the U. S.. By working with Speedway Express Car Wash, charities, team organizations, schools and church groups typically raise far more money than they can by going at it alone. Part of the reason - we offer a service that people in our community already know about, value and regularly use.


Internet Fundraising Program

Need a New Fundraising Idea?
Speedway Express Car Washes New Internet Fundraising Program can help your school or nonprofit organizations earn contributions all year long, at no extra cost to you!

Our Classic Fundraising Program

Looking for a more "traditional" fundraising program?
Your non-profit organization can improve its fundraising efforts by establishing a fundraising program with Speedway. We'll work to help you implement your most successful fundraising ever!

Wash Club

Enjoy the benefits of discounted services and convenience of monthly billing!


  • Pay Monthly and membership is automatically billed to your credit or debit card
  • Pay For 3 Months at a time

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